SnoopCast Recap 8: Hidden Gems

NOTE: These statements and quotes below do not reflect the opinions of myself or Tomorrow's Fights.  This is merely a recap of the SnoopCast for those who missed it and a discussion post for those who watched it.  

Crowder vs. Mayes

  • “He so tired he aint even throwin punches.  I wouldn’t even take him to a gang fight, just like nah man, you stay home” -Snoop
    • “Even for back up?” -Faber
      • “Nope” -Snoop
  • “They need to find a gas station, even the one with no signs on that highway in vegas”
  • “That’s where he threw the reverse copter slap”
  • “I’m not takin a picture with him after the fight”
  • “He’s just beatin the smithereens outa him”
  • “He looks like a badass” - Faber
    • “Like he rode a motorcycle right into the octagon” - Snoop
      • “He looks kinda like Tom Brady” -Faber
        • “Like a big, mean, Tom Brady”. -Snoop

 Mueller vs. Velasco

  • “She got her Snoop Dog ’95 braids in her hair, I like that”
  • “No applications, they went in there like pistacios, just crackin”
  • “Nice knee to the top of the head, she could open up the blood bank with those!”
  • “These are pretty girls, don’t get messed up too bad!  Yeah hit her in the arm, uh, hit her in the knee!”
  • “Respect to both of these ladies they squabbin”
  • “She brought her bicycle to the octagon – ‘Yo leave my bike outside the cage ima use it in the 3rd round’ “
  • “She pulled outa that choke easy, she pulled out like she was on a first date”
  • “Domestic dispute!  Shit!”

Kenny vs Antolin

  • “He got the crown goin like he on Jerry Springer”
  • “Adams 35, been around the game for a while, so I don’t wanna say this is his last chance but…” -Faber
    • “But its one of them.  If he was a cat he’d be on life 7” –Snoop
  • “Skinny Kenny comin in with the force and speed!  Shit I feel a lullaby comin on soon.  Where is my book of nursery rhymes?
  • “Ooh with the hood trip!”
  • “Ooo he threw a button hook”
  • “Damn with these kicks he gonna need a wheel chair soon!”
  • “Adam is like an old pitbull in the neighborhood, covered in scars and everything, don’t know how to quit” – Faber
    • “Got half an ear.  They call him adolf” -Snoop
      • “Yeah?” -Faber
        • “Yeah Ateoff, cause he got half his ear ate off” –Snoop

Urbina vs Lewis

  • “I wanna know what he listening to” - Snoop
    • “He’s prolly listening to some Snoop” - Faber
      • “Right” – Snoop
  • “Elias is a big tall mother fucker!”
  • “Bang on him cuz, long beach, BANG!”
  • “Roccck-a-bye baaaby on the tree top, here comes big john to make the fight stoppp”
  • “That motherfucker is so reminiscent of Jones”


  • “You watching over your shoulder for McGregor?” –Faber
    • “Man if you’ve been working with me you know I tell the truth.  I was set to interview him before the fight and he blew me off.  Floyd didn’t though” -Snoop

Frevola vs. Flores

  • "He wastin' too much energy, look and then he got flipped on"
  • "Ooh a little Snoop helicopter kick" -Faber
    • "Yeah he didn't get any air though.  He need some elevation" -Snoop
  • "He got socked in his face cause he didn't listen" -
  • "Uh oh thats that one we was talkin about! (arm triangle joke)!"
  • "He drug his ass to the atlantic ocean!"
  • "Me and Urijah, we go back like babies in pacifiers!" - Snoop and Faber in unison

This wraps up the Contender Series for now and with it, the SnoopCast.  How do you feel about the SnoopCast?  Would you bring it back?

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