Rewatching McGregor vs. Diaz 2-Minute by Minute Scoring

With Mayweather McGregor fast approaching, its time to revisit relevant bouts of each fight.  McGregor's second performance against Diaz marks the change from his whirlwind of destruction wheel kicking style to his more recent incarnation of a patient counter striker. Most of McGregor's fights prior to the second Diaz fight involve so many kicks that they don't factor heavily in the analysis for this the upcoming boxing match.

The second McGregor Diaz fight was ruled a Majority Decision for McGregor, 48-47 x 2 and 47-47 x 1.  How did you see it?


Notes:  Yellow represents close minutes that were difficult to score.  Orange represents dominant minutes for each fighter.

Takeaways from a second viewing:

  • Rogan's commentary was heavily bias toward diaz and over critical of McGregor cardio issues.  He essentially declares McGregor dead at the end of round 3 and has to eat his words a bit in round 4.
  • There was far more clinching in this fight than I remember.  Upon first viewing I recalled it being primarily a boxing fight, but on rewatch there was time spent in the clinch in 4 out of 5 rounds.
  • Nate's boxing technique really showed in this fight, as he threw a ton of body jabs.  Something very effective in pure boxing, but rarely seen in MMA.  Nate threw about 16 body punches compared to McGregors 7.
  • McGregor appears take round 3 off to rest and recover.
  • Nate Diaz appears to take round 4 off to do the same.  McGregor's offense was far more potent in round 4 than I remembered.  Quite a second wind indeed Joe.
  • Round 5 was not as dominant for Diaz as I had remembered.  Minutes 23 and 24 were particularly hard to score.  Rogan again is highlighting McGregor's fatigue, yet he is still landing successful combinations.  50% of these minutes are spent with Nate in clinch control, however Conor wins the exchanges in space.
  • McGregor throws a flying knee in minute 24.
  • McGregor lands a trip takedown in minute 25.
  • Diaz takedown in minute 25 is actually a trip/throw from an underhooked position.  For some reason I remembered it being a double leg off the fence.

How did you score it and what nuances do you recall on initial viewing?

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