Rewatching GSP vs Hendricks - Minute by Minute Scoring

UFC 217 is right around the corner, and that means its time for the last installment of "Minute by Minute Scoring" featuring the ever debated Johnny Hendricks bout at UFC 167.   Minute by Minute Scoring looks to revist closely contested fights and break them down by the minute to attempt to give a clearer picture of who controlled more of the fight.  

The graphic below displays my notes and what minutes of each round I gave to which fighters.  Note that yellow shading indicates a minute that was particularly difficult to score and orange represents a dominant round.  Notes and analysis below.


Notes and analysis on the rewatch:

  • Round 1 is clearly the closest round of contention, and this is a great example of where the minute by minute scoring starts to fall off in accuracy unless you weigh the minutes.
  • I awarded GSP minute 1, 4, and 5, due to a higher output of volume and effective striking, however Hendricks did "more" with his minute 2 and 3.
  • With minute by minute scoring, GSP won 3 of the first 5 minutes, however scoring traditionally I would award round 1 to Hendricks (as did 1 judge).
  • GSP scores his first takedown in minute 1, but only holds Hendricks down for about 10 seconds.
  • Hendricks lands hard "Travis Brown" style elbows defending a takedown against GSP.  Rogan goes ballistic over these strikes in minute 2.
  • Hendricks lands his first takedown in minute 3, only holding GSP down for about 10 seconds.
  • Round 2 is clearly the most dominant round of the fight, with Hendricks winning dominant minutes 6 and 7, however GSP wins minute 7, 8, and 9, with volume striking.
  • Round 3 is another close round.  I awarded 3 minutes to Hendricks with minute 14 being very close.
  • Hendricks lands his second takedown in minute 15, again only keeping GSP down for seconds.
  • GSP hits a beautiful arm drag from full guard to stand back to his feet in minute 15.
  • Round 4 is another clear round for Hendricks.  He lands his 3rd takedown in minute 17 and keeps GSP down for a minute.  This comes off a slip from GSP.
  • Minutes 19, 20, 21, and 22 are all incredibly close and difficult to score.
  • Round 5 is the clearest round for GSP for me.  He scores a takedown in minute 22 and 25, and works an effective volume boxing game to outscore Hendricks.
  • Rogan claims GSP "Has to be in desperation mode" in the 5th round.
  • I remember watching live years ago thinking GSP got dominated, but on the rewatch George has a much higher output throughout the fight, however Hendricks has the more meaningful moments and clearly does more damage.
  • On the rewatch I feel comfortable scoring a 48-47 decision for Hendricks here, awarding him Round 1, 2, and 4.


If we don't weigh the minutes, the totals add of up 14 minutes to 11 in favor of George St. Pierre.

However, if we choose to weigh the yellow (close) minutes as 0.5 and the orange (dominant) minutes as 2, the final tally reads as Johnny Hendricks 12.5 def George St. Pierre 12.

What do you remember of this fight while watching it live?  How did you score it?  

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