Rewatching Bisping vs. Sonnen - Minute by Minute Scoring

In anticipation of the Georges St. Pierre vs. Michael Bisping fight this weekend, I deicided to take a look at Bisping's performance against another stronger wrestler.  Today's edition of "Minute by Minute Scoring" explores the controversial fight between Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen.

The graphic below displays my notes and what minutes of each round I gave to which fighters.  Note that yellow shading indicates a minute that was particularly difficult to score.  Notes and analysis below.


Notes and analysis on the rewatch:

  • This fight took place more than 5 years ago and its incredible how young both these fighters look.  
  • Sonnen lands his first takedown of the fight in minute 1, but only keeps Bisping down for a few seconds.
  • Sonnen's second takedown comes in minute 2, and keeps Bisping down for the majority of the minute.
  • Round 1 was clearly the most contentious round of the match, with each fighter controlling 2 minutes, and the middle of the round even.
  • Scoring live, all 3 judges gave Sonnen the first round.
  • Sonnen lands the hardest punch of the round with a big overhand round in minute 5.
  • Most of this fight takes place in the clinch, as you can see from my excel graphic notes.
  • Bisping clearly takes round 2, mostly by controlling the clinch against the fence and having a higher output.
  • Sonnen's third takedown comes in minute 8, and he manages to keep Bisping down for about 60 seconds.
  • Sonnen's takedown in minute 8 tricks one judge into giving him the round (awful scoring there).
  • Round 3 is all Sonnen, as he lands his fourth takedown in minute 11, this time keeping Bisping down until minute 15.
  • I had forgotten how dominant Sonnen's round 3 was.  He gets back mount at minute 13, and full mount in minute 14.
  • Bisping scambles back to half guard in minute 14, then back to guard in minute 15.
  • Bisping takes Sonnen down in minute 15.
  • Joe Rogan claims Sonnen "has to submit Bisping here to get that title shot against Anderson Silva".
  • Watching this fight live years ago I remembered a bit of controversy in the decision, but upon analyzing the rematch I feel comfortable saying a 29-28 score for Sonnen is accurate here.

What do you remember of this fight while watching it live?  How did you score it?  What does Bisping's success and failures here mean for his upcoming bout with St Pierre?

Coming up next...we re-visit the controversial Hendricks vs. St. Pierre title fight at UFC 167.

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