Rewatching GSP vs. Penn I - Minute by Minute Scoring

With UFC 217 fast approaching, its time to revisit relevant bouts of each fighter.  Many fans tend to gloss over the first George St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn fight due to the dominance displayed in the rematch.  However, at UFC 58 a very green Pierre found himself on the wrong end of Penns boxing game.  How close was that fight?  I explore it in today's edition of "Minute by Minute Scoring".

The graphic below displays my notes and what minutes of each round I gave to which fighters.  Note that yellow shading indicates a minute that was particularly difficult to score.  Notes and analysis below.


Notes and analysis after the rewatch:

  • Penn clearly takes the first round with a superior boxing game.  
  • GSP sustains an eye poke in the second minute
  • A BJ Penn uppercut in the first minute clips George's nose and causes heavy bleeding
  • Joe Rogan claims GSP is "Bleeding like a stuffed pig."
  • Rogan is heavily biased in favor of Penn in this fight.
  • GSP was a purple belt at the time.
  • GSP lands his first takedown at the very end of minute 6 and keeps Penn down for all of minute 7.
  • GSP lands his second takedown in the last 15 seconds of minute 10 (the end of Round 2).
  • Penn visibly tires at the end of round 2.
  • GSP lands his third takedown at minute 12 and lands a hard elbow, his best strike of the fight.
  • Penn actually lands a double leg takedown at minute 13, probably sensing he is losing the round.
  • GSP lands his fourth takedown in minute 15.
  • Penn moves to rubber guard and attempts an omaplata and then a gogoplata in the final seconds of the fight.
  • Eddie Bravo was scoring ring side and had the fight 19-19 at the end of two rounds.
  • I scored 9 minutes for Pierre and 6 for Penn, but 3 of those minutes were very close.
  • I actually remembered this fight being closer, and this rewatch clarified that.  This fight appears to be a relatively clean 2 rounds to 1 for Pierre.

How did you score it and what nuances do you recall on initial viewing?

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